Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No teeth

Being at work is not much fun these days. Many of my most beloved coworkers are losing their jobs or being demoted due to budget cuts. Other people are being switched into jobs completely different from their own, in other parts of the city, with different areas of expertise--and of course they feel terrible guilt for (involuntarily) displacing their colleagues. It's all pretty f'ing horrible, if you want to know the truth.

And on the homefront, Soren was pretty much awake and screaming all night last night. He's been sick, so maybe that was the problem. Maybe he's teething. I have no idea. We've been blaming everything on teething since he was three months old and guess what? No teeth.

Starting tomorrow I have three days off in a row, and on Saturday, praise be, Mr. A. and I will have the day off together. The sun is even supposed to come out that day. Maybe by then Soren and I can get it together and, more importantly, get some freaking nap time.


friendlyfolder said...

Bummer! So sorry to hear that. Not sure why the powers-that-be don't see how silly those decisions are. And...just wondering if you should get your little baby's ears checked...? Sometimes after ours were sick for a while they would get an ear infection. Main symptom was apparently screaming all night. Parenting advice from a complete stranger.... just what you need eh? :)

librarianista said...

You're probably right! I almost stayed home from work today to take him into the doctor, and I think I will take him tomorrow. Poor guy.

Librarian Girl said...


I hope Soren feels better soon.

And maybe the library system is teething?

guybrarian said...

I HOPE the library system is teething. I hope it gets a real sharp set, and takes a chunk out of the backsides of one or two of our most presumptuous overlordlings.