Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The fun with our house continues. The thing, as Mr. A. points out, is that we are both stupid AND conscientious. You can be one, or you can be the other, but both is pretty much a disaster. The possibility of us getting smarter seems remote, so I'm thinking we may have to reconcile ourselves to being horrible people. Something's gotta give.

In far better and more important news, Soren is walking all over the place, and he's got a few words down. All he wants to do is be outside. Outside, happy; inside, tears. When we must bring him inside (as we often must because IT NEVER STOPS RAINING HOLY CHRIST THIS WINTER IS KEELING ME), the only way to distract him is with a book. He likes his animal books the best, and seems to be able to identify dogs ("duh!") and owls ("ow!").

Just for the local NPR nerds: this kerfuffle makes me sooo happy. I hope it ends horribly for Steve Scher.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kids, man

Soren turned one last week.  Can you believe it?  No, you cannot.  It is an impossible but true science fact.

He has developed some pretty awesome abilities over the last month or so.  Most impressive to his librarian parents, he has developed a deep interest in books.  I've been pushing them since day one, but he's only ever been interested in them as teethers.  But now he'll pick one out, climb into your lap, and wait for you to begin.  He likes to turn the pages for you.  He also likes reading to himself, though.  He'll flip carefully through Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (his current favorite), studying each page and babbling to himself.  (Reading!)  And he laughs when gets to a page he thinks is funny.  Kids, man!