Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sometimes gross, usually delicious

Accomplishment of the week: We're getting free cable now. I called the cable company and asked them to cancel our subscription. The operator asked why, and I told her the truth: We can't afford it. After that it was like breaking up with someone who doesn't want to be broken up with: "What if we give you a deep discount on your internet service?" "How about we give you digital cable for the same price as regular cable?" "What if we come over and wash your car?"

When I said no to all of that, she said, "What if we give you the cable free for the next six months?" And so the cycle continues. Jon Stewart can rest assurred that I will watch him not online but as God intended, with lots of commercial breaks at 8 p.m. Pacific Time (since we can't stay awake for the original airing).

Remember last weekend? I know, it was a really long time ago, but I did some cool stuff back then. I went snowshoeing, for example, and it was really sunny and warm. I was out on the snow in nothing but a long-sleeved t-shirt. A long-sleeved t-shirt, I say! It was like a tropical vacation. Climate change is fun after all!

Then on Sunday Mr. A. and I finally used the membership to the art museum that my mom got us for Christmas. Right now they have a display of Edward Hopper's paintings of women (mostly women in restaurants in awesome hats) that is pretty cool. It's interesting to think about that first generation of ladies for whom ladies' night was a possibility. I'm glad I don't live during the time of constant chaperoning by the mens. What a drag.

After the art museum, we went to a wine tasting in Pike Place Market that happened to be going on as we walked by. I like wine, but sometimes at wine tastings I feel like I'm taking a test I'm bound to fail. In public. The wine guy zeroed in on me right away and demanded that I describe exactly which flavors were in each wine. He had this chart with all the possible flavors on it and I studied it as best I could. Eventually I started asking Mr. A. for the answers when Wine Guy's back was turned. "What did you get for the Pinot Grigio? Lawn cuttings? Banana?!?"

I guess I have a really unsophisticated palate, but to me wine mostly tastes like wine. Sometimes gross, usually delicious, always more or less like fermented grapes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hi. So, I just wrote a whole post in which I freaked out about climate change being irreversible, but then I decided to spare you that. That's not what you come here for, am I right? You come here for petty complaints about the day to day weather of Seattle! And I am happy to provide.

Actually, we've had a really nice week, weather-wise, though today is drizzly. Every year we get a string of really nice days in February--sunny, highs in the mid- or upper-50's--and something awakens in your chest and you start to think, maybe I do have a reason to live! Maybe spring will really be here soon!

It won't.

Actually, I had a complete meltdown a few days ago that involved a lot crying. I think there were a few forces at work, including lack of sunlight, and the fact that I'd had a cold, and so I hadn't worked out for a few days. I suspect that exercise might be the only thing keeping me from frequent crying jags. But that afternoon Mr. Awesome brought me home a bag of these little mini-doughnuts that they sell in Pike Place Market--still hot!--and luckily I don't have a lot of problems that mini-doughnuts can't solve.

Speaking of doughnuts, I had a couple of "Total Health Consultations" at the gym--these come free with your membership at the Y and mostly involve the trainer showing you how the machines work, how much weight you should be lifting, and creating your basic fitness routine. They differ from "Personal Training" in that Personal Training costs money, and also I think it might involve more yelling.

Anyway, my Health Consultator asked me what my goals were, whether I was worried about bulking up, stuff like that. I said I wanted to bulk up as much as possible--which for wimpy me might not be much, but I'll take what I can get. I want to intimidate the teens (and frankly, everyone I meet) with my amazing bulk.

Don't worry, though; I won't beat you up unless you really piss me off.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not much

Last weekend we finished up the big series of events that I had been planning and marketing and hosting and living and breathing. They all went really well and lots of people came, and I'm very, very glad they're over for now. This week, not much happening. Well, I bought a bikini.

Next month, we're spending a week in Roatan with some friends, and I spend a large percentage of my time thinking about it. Roatan is a little island off the coast of Honduras, and while there I plan to do NOTHING. Well, okay, maybe I'll rent a bike one day but mostly my plan is to sit around with a book in my hand, putting different parts of myself in this water:

I used to scorn people who took tropical vacations and did nothing but lie around on beaches, but I'm wiser now.