Friday, February 6, 2009

Hi. So, I just wrote a whole post in which I freaked out about climate change being irreversible, but then I decided to spare you that. That's not what you come here for, am I right? You come here for petty complaints about the day to day weather of Seattle! And I am happy to provide.

Actually, we've had a really nice week, weather-wise, though today is drizzly. Every year we get a string of really nice days in February--sunny, highs in the mid- or upper-50's--and something awakens in your chest and you start to think, maybe I do have a reason to live! Maybe spring will really be here soon!

It won't.

Actually, I had a complete meltdown a few days ago that involved a lot crying. I think there were a few forces at work, including lack of sunlight, and the fact that I'd had a cold, and so I hadn't worked out for a few days. I suspect that exercise might be the only thing keeping me from frequent crying jags. But that afternoon Mr. Awesome brought me home a bag of these little mini-doughnuts that they sell in Pike Place Market--still hot!--and luckily I don't have a lot of problems that mini-doughnuts can't solve.

Speaking of doughnuts, I had a couple of "Total Health Consultations" at the gym--these come free with your membership at the Y and mostly involve the trainer showing you how the machines work, how much weight you should be lifting, and creating your basic fitness routine. They differ from "Personal Training" in that Personal Training costs money, and also I think it might involve more yelling.

Anyway, my Health Consultator asked me what my goals were, whether I was worried about bulking up, stuff like that. I said I wanted to bulk up as much as possible--which for wimpy me might not be much, but I'll take what I can get. I want to intimidate the teens (and frankly, everyone I meet) with my amazing bulk.

Don't worry, though; I won't beat you up unless you really piss me off.


Anonymous said...

It's okay. I have to do a climate rant every three months or so, just to clear the air. We're fucked. I'm sad I ever had children. I didn't mean to bring children into a world that couldn't bear them when they're old. Just enjoy the good stuff while it's still here.

I am half expecting some sort of divine intervention though, but that might just be the meteor swinging by here in 2029. We're fu...oh, I said that already.

Hey - any mini-donuts still left?

librarianista said...

I know. I would like to have a kid but I just don't know if I can have one in good conscience. I don't blame other people for having them--I think they're pretty cool, and I may have one yet. Mr. Awesome doesn't really think that climate change is necessarily a good reason not to have a kid. It's possible I'm just crazy.

Maybe the meteor will magically alter our climate by sending us into an ice age, thus balancing the global warming! I'm a little shakey on how the science of that would work but it sounds plausible enough to me.

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