Sunday, December 5, 2010


Well, tooth actually, but still: The Mystery of The Night of Continuous Screaming has now been solved.  One little north-facing tooth is poking out of Soren's gums.  I feel bad that we didn't spot the kid some Tylenol that night, but sometimes when it's 3 a.m. and there is constant screaming it's hard to strategize the best course of action.

On Friday night we went to the Garden of D'Lights (yes, it's really called that) at the Bellevue Botantical Gardens.  And took some blurry photos!  Which I will now share with you, you lucky creature!

And okay, one unblurry one:

Are you now filled with the spirit of the holiday season?  I should hope so. 

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Librarian Girl said...

The ultra recline on that kid is pretty sweet.