Sunday, December 5, 2010


Words/grammar issues I'm trying not to be annoyed by anymore, because being annoyed by them makes me annoying:

1.  "Hubby."
2.  "Literally," when there is no way what the speaker is saying could be understood in a figurative sense.
3.  "I" used improperly in place of "me," as in "The gift is from my husband and I."
4.  Most of the abbreviations used by mommy bloggers, commenters, etc. (CM for cervical mucus?  Really?  You're typing that so many times you need an abbreviation?  Okay, sorry--I guess I'm missing the point here.)

Words I want to phase out:
1. Awesome.
2. Rad.
3. Like.
4. Totally.
5.  All other late-1980's Valley girl speak.

Words I want to phase in:

1.  Swimmingly.  (As in, "It's going . . . ")
2.  Splendid.
3.  Most of these.


Jen Robinson said...

We BDed last week, resulting in EWCM yesterday and then some BM (you guess which!)

Not really.

Nina said...

I feel your pain. My other pet peeve is that people put apostrophes into every blasted plural that comes their way!

Sarah Goss said...

I didn't realize you had a blog! So glad I found you. I completely agree, especially about "hubby," "literally" and the misuse of "I" (which is particularly annoying because the person always thinks he or she is being extremely grammatically correct). Almost everyone seems to do the one with "I," however, including English Ph.Ds, so I suspect it's here to stay.

Librarian Girl said...

I have often thought that I overuse awesome, but I fear that I shall never be able to stop. I will be that 90 year old lady still speaking Valley Girl.

I also am not a fan of hubby. Although I am also not a fan of husband either. Huzz-bund. What the hell is that? Not a fan.

librarianista said...

Jen, I'm glad you didn't really do that.

I think I've complained here before about the fact that there's really no great word to use for That Person Who Lives With Me. "Partner" is fine but makes me feel like I'm running a law firm or square dancing, and "lover" is barfy. So I feel kind of stuck with "husband," although "hubby" is really the worst--even barfier than "lover."

LG, I have been trying to phase out my Valley Girl speak for years, and I know it's really a losing battle. And yet still I try to push that boulder up the mountain.

Laina said...

I am with you on the "literally". Nothing drives me more insane than people infusing their quite figurative comments with "literal". As for the "and I", I don't believe people have a firm grasp on when to use "I" and when to use "me" at the end of the sentence. Maybe you could give a small tutorial on your blog, if that's not too geeky of a request:)

jess said...

I also can't stand 'hubby' and most other sweet nicknames for things that I actually do enjoy. Like 'pooch'

I had no idea teenagers had their own librarian! Anyone reading anything other than Twilight books?