Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho ho homicide

That's the title of a display that the Fiction department put up this month. I love the Fiction department's displays. They express my feelings perfectly. 
We weren't going to get a Christmas tree. Then there was a phone call in which my mom made it clear that not getting a tree for Soren's first Christmas was tantamount to child abuse. So, overwhelmed by guilt, I went to Safeway and got one of those little potted fir shrub things and decorated it within an inch of its life.

It ain't much, but it's ours.


D said...

Your tree inspired us to put up our "tree". Your mom's concern had a ripple effect and without it Gwen wouldn't have had a tree.

Brandy said...

We put up some halfhearted lights and decorated the gnome, but no tree. We're not going to be home for Christmas anyway (going to NY to see the folks). There's always next year.

I guess we're abusive too, then.

Lass said...

Looks perfect to me!