Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good one

Soren has a pretty good sense of humor; it's easy to make him laugh. But sometimes I suspect that he is just humoring us.

"Ah yes, once again we're doing that peek-a-boo thing that you guys seem to enjoy so much. Hahaha, very humorous indeed. Let me guess--you're going to pull that blanket back down off your face again, right? Yup, there you go. Haha, good one."


Brandy said...

I have similar fears. Except that my kid doesn't have the most refined sense of humor--he cracks up every time he lets out a giant fart. We've got ourselves a little frat boy.

Librarian Girl said...

You just think he's smiling at your peek-a-boo-ness. He's really thinking about that New Yorker cartoon that he saw last night.