Thursday, February 7, 2008

Subtle Butt

Our hometown paper did a spot on this product today. And now my 2008 Christmas shopping is complete!

Seriously, I think "Subtle Butt" is the funniest combination of words possible in the English language. And the product to match! Oh my. It's almost too much. God bless capitalism.


My parents voted in Alabama on Tuesday. They got to the polling place, signed in, were given their ballots, and headed into their booths, when my mom said, "Wait. I wanted a Democratic ballot!"

Well, apparently you could have knocked over the poll worker with a feather. A nice middle class white lady like that, voting for a Democrat! And for Obama, too (though the pollworker wasn't privy to that information), after a lifetime of Republicanism. A proud day for the Soggy family.


Lass. said...

Obama must have the magic because my 77 year old mom, a lifelong Republican, is planning to vote for him as well. Also, hooray for subtle butt!

Librarian Girl said...

Subtle butt is two-word poetry is what that is.