Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar wrap-up

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Was it not (despite the bad writing and clunky jokes) the most heartwarming Oscars of all time?

The best was those two kids who won for that song from Once. I really liked that movie, and I hoped they would win. But then! What with him talking about how they made the movie with a couple of HandiCams for $100,000, and then her speech getting cut off, and Jon Stewart bringing her back after the commercial break, and her making a really sweet, articulate speech, and everything. I mean, come on.

And she was only 17 when they made that movie! And now she is still only 19! And I hear that they are actually dating! Maybe! I don't really know! But still!

I am not made of stone, people.


Lass. said...

That woman being allowed back out to make her speech was probably the best thing I've ever seen on the Oscars. Really sweet. And may I say thank GOD she and her dude won the song category because whoever wrote those crappy/sappy songs from "Enchanted" really doesn't need to be encouraged to write more. Ever.

Librarian Girl said...


I give Jon Stewart all the credit for doing that. Even though it was probably the director or producer's decision. Just because I want to think it was Jon.