Monday, February 4, 2008

And the winner is . . .

Wow, you guys are so helpful! Thank you. Maybe I should ask you before I make any decisions from now on. I could certainly use a new haircut.

I went ahead and ordered the orange one and the blue one, which seemed to be the most popular. The fruity one and the skirt are still possibilities, though. Maybe with my next paycheck, or if I look terrible in the orange and blue ones.

My problem with clothes is that I generally balk at high prices and refuse to buy anything that's not on sale. So I end up with several things that I kind of like, instead of one or two things I really like. I'm trying to break that habit, though, and buy a few nice things instead.

Isn't it great when self-improvement means splurging? It's the best kind of self help.

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