Friday, February 1, 2008

Fashion Dilemma

Hello fashionista*!

Which of these do you think is most crucial to my honeymoon wardrobe?

This fruity one

This orangey one, which I would have thought would look terrible on me, but I tried it on in the store and it wasn't bad.

This blue one, or

This green skirt, with stuff on it.

I realize you probably have better things to do than pick out my clothes, but in case you don't, I'm all ears.

*Is this a strictly feminine term, and if so, what would be the male equivalent? This point might be moot, because I think the male readership of this blog is pretty much nil.


arajane said...

my first vote is for the orangey one, and my second favorite is the blue one. but, honestly, you would look lovely in any of these! why not get all four?!

harriet said...

I'm not going to help because my votes go to the two that arajane did not mention -- numbers one and four. I think that makes it another vote for all four. I'm always happy to aid and abet someone else's anthropologie habit.

Maven said...

I always vote for orange, but if orange concerns you, I also love the blue one. And that would probably be very versatile.

bellcurves said...

i really like all of them and like arajane's suggestion! if i had to pick only one, it would be orange. it's bright and happy, and maybe it's something new if you're not usu. an orange clothes person. my #2 vote would actually go to the embroidered skirt and that's b/c of the pretty embroidery, plus the versatility that skirts offer in being mixed and matched with different tops.

Librarian Girl said...

After my depressing day yesterday, I think I need to go to Anthropologie. Thanks for the idea.

I vote for blue first, then orange.

Looks like a fashionista can be male or female (brace yourself for geeky librarian referral to source material).

Lass. said...

Ok, I'll be the rebel. I like the fruity one. It's happy.

myra-lee said...

Rustling Wind Skirt! But this is coming from someone who owns like 40 skirts. Featherwing Dress is my second choice. Keep in mind that it will lend a light-as-a-feather feel to your every move.

buffy said...

i really like the fruity dress. it's romantic.

itzie said...

My favorite is the blue one - I think that that color would look FANTASTIC on you. My second vote would go to the skirt and then to the fruity one (which are about tied in my mind). The orange one is actually my least favorite.