Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Even better than a leg lamp

Sorry about that last post, you guys. Honestly, I'm usually fine, but I've had a cold the last couple of weeks and it hasn't helped my outlook. Really, what am I complaining about? I am getting married to a 100% awesome person.* Lots of people care enough about me to shlep all the way out to Washington state to witness this event. Boo hoo! Poor me!

Anyway. The super awesome Lass has awarded this blog with this prize:

Which I don't deserve; certainly not for any recent efforts. However! I am honored by the E and will strive to be worthy of it.

As I understand it, the deal with the E is that it is to be passed on to some worthy blogs. I suggest that you look to the Army of Awesome, to the right there. I promise that they all contain really good writing and/or adorable baby photos. But here, in no particular order whatsoever, are a few highlights from the Army.

Kayemess' blog has always been interesting--honest, articulate observations of every day life. Now that she's got a brand new adorable baby, it's especially fascinating (at least to me), because Kayemess gives it to you straight. No bullshit here about every single second being a miracle. Also, I know her and can vouch that she is even awesomer in person.

The Lass is also bullshit-free, and provides me with my required daily dose of snark. Also, she lives in Austin, where it has been really hot lately. I almost feel warm just reading about it.

Myra-Lee is funny and pithy and awesome, and I got to meet her and her charming husband one time when I went to L.A., and it was good times.

4. Pop Culture Librarian
As her legions of fans are well aware, the Pop Culture Librarian delivers the goods, pop culture and otherwise. Right now at PCL headquarters, the fascinating and hilarious story of the first meeting between PCL and her partner, Nordic Boy, is in full swing. Highly recommended.

5. Librarisaurus Rex
Librarisaurus Rex is the kind of person who goes to other countries and takes pictures of signs related to dog poo. 'Nuff said.

Edited to add: Do you, dear reader, have a blog? If so, I would love to read it and to add you to the Army. Please leave me a comment in the commentery and I will enlist you.

*Have you seen that movie King of Kong? We watched it last night (and I cried like a baby over it, but that's not the point), and now I'm thinking of nicknaming R "Mr. Awesome" for the purposes of this blog.


SteveM said...

I'm at although I don't update as much as I used to back in the day.

Maven said...

I'm at I used to blog at d-land and found you via kayemess, one of my very favorite bloggaz.

Librarian Girl said...

Whoo hoo! I got an award!

The last time I got an award might have been for attendance. And maybe not even that.


Librarian Girl said...

PS-- Mr. Awesome is the perfect name!

librarianista said...

Thanks, Kent and Maven! Both blogs look about 123% cooler and more interesting than this one!