Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To be honest with you

So, I haven't gained any weight yet, and over the past few days it's started to worry me. Most women don't gain weight during the first trimester, but I'm a couple of weeks into the second trimester now, and I should have at least a couple of pounds to show for it. I called my midwife, and she said I probably am not getting enough protein. Sigh.

I feel like a failure for not getting the baby what it needs. I also feel at a little bit of a loss as to how to eat all the crap I'm supposed to eat. Yes, okay, I could cut back on the chocolate.* But still, every day I'm supposed to eat, like, 17 servings of fruit and 22 vegetables and a giant pile of grains and make sure I get a ton of calcium and iron and fiber and to be honest with you, I'm hungry, but I'm not THAT hungry.

Okay, I'm going to go find an unsuspecting animal to eat. Later, internets.



Brandy said...

We really are leading parallel lives.

I spent my first trimester steadily losing weight (dropped 5# total), and goodness do I understand how worrying that is. My midwife and dr both agreed that the weight loss/lack-of-gain were probably due to eating healthier food on a schedule my body likes better (grazing instead of Three Square Meals), and that as long as the baby appears to be growing at the correct rate, not to worry about it.

So: don't worry about it too much, especially if you've healthied up your eating habits since getting yourself knocked up.

Also: eating fattier things at night, like ice cream or cheese, can help keep your blood sugar a little more even, which means less of the Homicidal Hungries in the morning.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, the baby take what it needs first, you get the leftovers. That said, you want to be strong enough to carry it so, take a supplement if you want to be sure. Take it easy - don't worry too much, huh :)

Librarian Girl said...

As ladies, we get so much BOSSED at us, and I am convinced that being pregnant and being a mom just increases the level of bossed-at-ness exponentially. Will people ever tire of making the ladies feel like they are never doing enough? It's nuts.

I am officially cranky on your behalf.

Linda Johns said...

I think I told you already that I obsessed about this during my Theo pregnancy. And it's absolutely true that babies get what they need. So the only concern should be that you have enough energy to get thru your day. I don't think I'm being very comforting, but I'll still be your work friend who says "OH MY GOD! You are so huge!"

librarianista said...

Brandy, I am so on board with this ice cream at night plan.

Jennie and Linda--thank you for the reassurance. Linda, please feel free at any time to tell me that I am enormous.

And LG, you're totally right. The mom guilt is starting ALREADY? Sheesh.

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