Thursday, October 22, 2009

Timjim's first mail

Mr. A emailed me yesterday morning to ask if we should subscribe to Parenting: The Early Years magazine, since it was being offered for free for some reason. We pondered whether it was worth while, since we'll probably end up on a million horrible mailing lists. This is probably also the first step towards turning into the kind of people nobody wants to be around because they start conversations with, "Just the other day, I was reading a fascinating article in Parenting . . ."

Anyway, we subscribed under the name Timjim Mr.A'sLastNameMyLastName. Timjim is so lucky to have thoughtful parents like us.


Anonymous said...

Hah; I don't think I even intentionally signed up, but we get the Parenting mag anyway. And i totally still haven't read any of them. No time for magazines :(

librarianista said...

I'm sure you're not missing anything.