Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tim Jim

I woke up this morning with the conviction that I have finally more or less kicked this cold/sinus infection/snot disease, and I am SO HAPPY about it. Like, giddy. I still look like hell but I feel a thousand times better.

It has been pouring down rain the past couple of days and, although I may deny ever having said this if you bring it up later, I've really been enjoying it. The thing about Seattle, as perhaps I have mentioned, is that even though it's insanely wet all the time, it hardly ever RAINS. The air just kind of condenses on you as you walk through it, and it's clammy and gross. But lately we've been having real, honest-to-goodness storms, and thunderstorms are predicted for tonight. That's real weather! Exciting.

Yesterday, Mr. Awesome and I both stayed home because we had a steady stream of maintenance/contractor/appraiser/dead appliance-picker-upper type people coming through. In between appointments, we built a fire and watched some episodes of Mad Men (Season 2, should you care) and it was all very pleasant and restorative. That's one thing about bad weather--I feel guilty watching episode after episode of tv on dvd if it's nice out, but bad weather = full television pass. I believe tonight will be more of the same. Hopefully with fewer maintenance men.


I talked to my mom today about what she wants the baby to call her. She surprised me by rejecting all the standards outright: Grandma, Granny, Grammy, and MeMaw are all verboten. She's considering "Kitty" (her name is Katherine), but said, "You know, sometimes children get things wrong, and well, I'd rather not be known as 'Titty.'" Point taken, MeMaw.

I thought I had a great suggestion--Big Mama--but she shot that one right down. "But what would your father be called?" "Uh, BIG PAPA." Duh.

She did have a good idea for a boy name, though. "You know your great grandfather's name was Timothy, and your grandfather's name was James," she said. "So you could name the baby Timothy James. And call him Tim Jim."



Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) Even if it is nice weather out, knitting is also a free pass to watch television. You're being productive right? Crocheting falls under this category. You're going to be a mother. Knit, woman, knit!

2) Kitty was the name of Greg's mother and Dharma's mother-in-law, so in a way, I'm kind of pulling for it.

That was all.

librarianista said...

Okay, I might get my librarian card revoked for admitting this, but: I don't know how to knit. You're right, though, I should learn. I do embroider and I've been doing other baby-related craft type things, but knitting by the fireside is really a perfect Seattle winter activity.

Librarian Girl said...

You know that if you did that, the school bullies would have to yell out "Snap into a Tim Jim!" which would be kind of awesome.

Except for the bullying part. Obviously.