Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The only thing separating me from that bright future

Can you believe we have to go to work every single DAY? What a load of crap. I used to think that if I won the lottery I'd be one of those lottery-winning a-holes who still goes to work--just part time, of course, because I'm so devoted to my craft--but now I realize that I was what is known as a LIAR. If I won the lottery I would sit on the couch all day and watch Felicity on DVD.* The only thing separating me from that bright future is the fact that I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life.


I just broke up with Comcast, and it felt good. Stupid Comcast, trying to make me install yet another box just so that I can watch the tv I already pay for. I hate them. Now Mr. A and I are going to become the cool people who watch all of our tv on the intertubes. Suck it, Comcast.


I need new music, and I'm taking suggestions. What are the kids listening to these days? Any ideas for good fall/winter musics? I need some horizon-expanding.

*Noel or Ben, people? That is the burning question coming at you from 1999. I'm 100% Noel all the way. I'm in season 2 now and Ben is starting to seem like somewhat less of a doucher than previously, but he's still not un-douchey enough to woo me away from Noel.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh music!!!! I'm totally hooked on the Mariam and Amadou album (or is it Amadou and Mariam). Their song Senegal Fast Food is my favorite wake up and be happy song.

Also the album Dreams by The Whitest Boy Alive is a fave.

And my all time favorite band ever - Hjálmar. It's Icelandic, it's reggae, you will not understand what they're singing, but don't let any of those things put you off because even if you don't like reggae, you will like this. Because it is the best music ever. The first two albums are my fav. Hljódlega af stad, and the eponymous Hjálmar. Ok, I'll shut up now.

Make!Do! said...

Having just recently (it was a nursing thing) completed the entire Felicity ouevre, I can confidently state: neither. Just kidding. Noel I think, because Ben - my god, the husky half-whisper of Ben - the half-whisper alone killed it for me. That, or his perma-angst.
Tim Riggins. Now that's a TV boyfriend for you.

Lass said...

Congrats on ditching the TV. There's plenty to watch online.

The last thing I bought was M. Ward's Hold Time. I hear the new Camera Obscura cd is really good...um...I am horribly out of the music loop these days.

librarianista said...

Thanks for the music suggestions, ladies. I will explore.

I have not yet seen the Friday Night Lights, so I know not of the wonders of Tim Riggins. I'll put the first season on hold right now.

Misha said...

Noel. I totally heart Noel. Gosh, music--my Fall list: The Lucksmiths (Warmer Corners--anything, really), Ida (Lover's Prayers, but all good), Neil Young, XX (new band Stuart found), The Sundays. Mostly old stuff, I guess. Will have to seek out some new myself!

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