Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We may have to rumble for them

Okay, that wasn't much of a post, and I did promise you a REAL post today, so here is another one. And guess what? It is about your favorite topic! That's right, the weather!

The weather, my friends, is cold. Perhaps not Denmark cold, but we haven't been above freezing for quite some time and aren't expected to anytime soon, and Seattle CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I'm actually enjoying it. I think my big problem with Seattle weather is that when it's cold, it's not quite cold enough, so I think I can still dress fashionably in tights and whatnot, and end up pissed off with blue fingers and toes. But once it dips comfortably below 25 I put on my big puffy coat and hat with a pom pom on it and am perfectly toasty.

And tomorrow: More snow!! I'm so dorkily interested in the snow that I read this almost minute-by-minute forecast for the next couple of days in its entirety.

The bummer, though, is that even though Seattle's snow-coping arsenal includes about three bags of sand, I'll probably still have to come to work. Even though the buses won't run properly, and I'll probably get stuck downtown and have to live for weeks off the snacks we save for the volunteers. I'm worried that other departments know about those snacks and we may have to rumble for them once everyone's eaten all the unlabeled yogurts in their department refrigerators. And I'll tell you what: those art librarians may be older on average, but they are tough as nails.

Edited to add: I just realized that I used the phrase "my friends" in this post. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to give you McCain flashbacks.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no. We're the lucky ones here. We're only below freezing at night, with a nice wind chill factor though. But global warming is totally "paying off". It's been an average of 5 Celsius every day! I wish it were colder...for the climate's sake.