Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Enjoying each day more and more

You know what's weird? Like SIX girls I went to college with are now ministers. Real ones, with the collar and everything. My liberal arts college was sort of loosely associated with the Presbyterian church, but I didn't actually know anyone who went to church at the time. It was a normal college, with drinking and stuff. What, I ask you, is the deal?

Anyway, these women are somehow now my Fasebook friends. A couple of sample status updates: "Minister Lady is struggling with hymns for Epiphany. Is it just me, or are a lot of them really bad?" or "Other Minister Lady is enjoying each day more and more at the new church."

My status updates are like: "Soggy Librarian just punched a library patron in the eyeball" or "Soggy Librarian is drunk at work--AGAIN!!1"* It's fun getting back in touch.

Happy new year, sinners.

*Not really. My boss is also my FB friend.

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Make!Do! said...

I have the Boss as FB friend dilemma too, which is why I keep status updates squeaky clean and dull - but not as squeaky clean as "I'm enjoying church more and more each day"