Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The coffee cart in the library is inexplicably closed today. Et tu, coffee cart?


I had a bad week at work last week--like, Worst Week Ever--and I haven't quite been able to shake the bad mood it's left me in. I haven't been sleeping well because I'm too busy lying awake in bed, thinking about pinching people very hard.

You guys, I'm too young to burn out on this job! We have a mortgage and a lot of student debt to pay off, and I have very few marketable skills. Do you think I could be a freelance/telecommuting Talk To Teenagers About Books Person?

Sigh. Me neither.


Librarian Girl said...

If you figure out a way to do that, let me know if you need a partner, ok?

We should totes be playing the lottery, dude.

Here's to not burning out, and to psychically pinching people that deserve to be pinched.

Srcsmgrl said...

Sounds rotten. :( Here's to winning the lottery!

librarianista said...

I know--I always plan to win the lottery, and yet I never play. I guess my chances are about the same either way, but still.

Anonymous said...

Could you pretend to have some kind of...pinching Tourette's? You know, something that would allow you to pinch the pinch-worthy without getting in trouble? :P