Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pop Culture Breakdown

Thank you all so much for your brilliant swearing and faux-swearing suggestions. My horizons have truly expanded.

I'm embarrassed to say that I missed the first airing of Moonlight and Mistletoe, being out in the woods with no tv. But don't worry, I'm tuned in to the Hallmark Channel 24/7 until it comes on again. I'm inspired by you brave souls who toughed it out. By the way, did anyone catch The Christmas Wish on Lifetime, starring Neil Patrick Harris, Debbie Reynolds and Naomi Watts? Wow.

While we're on the subject, let's do a little . . .

Pop Culture Breakdown

1. Twilight: The Major Motion Picture

Did you notice that montage where, after Edward and Bella fly/climb up to the top of some insanely high trees over a cliff and sway in the breeze as the camera swirls around them to dramatic effect, and then---they are suddenly in a smoky piano bar where Edward is playing the piano as Bella rests her head worshipfully on his shoulder?

I mean, what exactly is she supposed to be thinking in that moment? "Oh Edward, that flying thing you do is pretty cool but THE WAY YOU TICKLE THE IVORIES! It just GETS me! Play me another one, you devil you!"

That scene alone was completely worth the price of admission. Mr. Awesome and I had tears rolling down our faces, we were laughing so hard.

2. The Amazing Race: The Season With No One to Root For

How about those frat boys? Are they the chumpiest chuckleheads you've ever seen, or what? HOW ARE THEY STILL IN THIS RACE?! Lort i lagkage, I hate them so.

3. Jon & Kate + 8 = HELL ON EARTH

Is it me, or are these people just completely horrible? I watch them with a sort of fascinated despair.


Anonymous said...

They ARE horrible, but kinda like Hogan Knows Best, I can't stop watching. Mostly because my three yr. old likes it. Probably because when he sees 8 kids struggling for two parents' attention, he realizes he's not all that bad off.

And the way Kate hits her husband all the time during the interview? And the total apathy written all over his face - at all times? Argh.

Apropos families with many children - there is the Duggar family that have EIGHT-fucking-TEEN. Mark Morford wrote this pretty funny column about them.

librarianista said...

The Duggar family is actually too much for me--I can't watch. The article you linked perfectly captures my feelings about them. And just think, it was written back in the halcyon days when they only had 16 kids.

Librarian Girl said...

Oh Jon and Kate. I only watched it once and my dude and I were in stunned silence the whole time. TRAUMATIZED.