Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tresemme Hair Salon and the Loreal Paris Makeup Room

Tonight we hosted M.T. Anders0n at our library, and boy, does he rule.  You know how it is with authors--sometimes the ones you think will be really great, dynamic speakers turn out to be, well, authors.  They're shy and introverted and kind of hard to watch.  (Like I would be.)  I thought M.T. might be one of those--like, that since his books are kind of dark that maybe he spends a lot of time alone, wearing black, or something.  But nope.

He looks and dresses sort of like the coolest professor at your college.  When he was writing his Octavian Nothing books (for three years, mind you) he only read books that were written in the 18th century, or else books that those people would have read.  Like the Greeks and Romans.

Also, when I first met him he made a joke about me sweeping him off to the Tresemme Hair Salon and the Loreal Paris Makeup Room before he went onstage, and my heart was his forever.


Make!Do! said...

That makes me want to pick up his ON books, which I have been studiously avoiding. Thank you, Insider Teen Librarian!

librarianista said...
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Anonymous said...

Tresemme, ooh la la! Several of my sister's kids would be very jealous that you met him.