Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The most awesomest information thing

Thank you for the suggestions for filling my day off yesterday. I tried to follow them, with spotty success. Kent mentioned heading to a coffeeshop with a book. So I went to two different coffeeshops (driving to both, naturally--walking is for commies), but they were both packed. Not only was every seat taken, but there were actually Seattlites standing glumly in doorways, waiting for a table to open up. I guess library employees weren't the only ones with the day off. I like reading in coffeeshops and all, but not that much.

So that didn't work, but my failure did allow me to follow through on Readerguide's idea of just reading at home on the couch. Score one for me! (I'm reading Watchmen right now, by the way, and it's making me concerned that I might be an idiot. I can't seem to keep the characters straight. All those strong jaw lines look alike to me.)

Then I was saved from my own lack of imagination by PCL and a trip to Anthropolo-Gee-that-is-very-expensive. It was a successful shopping trip for both of us: she found a cute top, and I managed not to buy anything. Well, until I bought two t-shirts at the H&M next door for like $1.47. They may not be great fashion pieces but they will keep me not naked. I'm lowering my fashion standards in these troubled economic times. Plus, we just paid taxes on the car.

When I got home I tried to complete Kent's second suggestion of cooking a real dinner. First I baked some chocolate chip cookies to take to our new neighbors--oops, nope, I completely burnt them and threw them away. Then I spent a very long time making a fancy eggplant pesto lasagna for Mr. Awesome . . . and it wasn't very good either. It was edible, but it wasn't something I would proudly point to and say, "There lies two and a half hours of my life." I'm not a good cook, and while this is not something I'm proud of, it's something I try to accept. Still, usually I can follow directions and come up with something edible. Not lately though. I'm like the anti-wife. It's sad.

In brighter news, today at the library I taught a group of seven teens in foster care how to search the library's website for magazine and newspaper articles; they were doing research for the local teen newspaper they write for. One of them said, "This is like, the most awesomest information thing I have ever seen." I'm thinking of having that made into a t-shirt.

p.s. Elizabeth, I'm off Friday and I'll try to follow up on at least one of your suggestions then.


Anonymous said...

I steer clear of Anthropologie because I can't seem to say no to things like $200 dresses I don't need. Love the kid's comment!

Make!Do! said...

Foster kids library outreach - what a most excellent idea! Knowledge is power for kids who have little power - I'm tucking this idea away. Also, no joke one of my TA's was introduced as "the world expert on Fbook". Man, sometimes I hate library school. Did you?

Elizabeth said...

Anthropologie always makes me want to lose weight so that maybe I could fit into one of those skinny little dresses that are so cute. In a way, that's good because, hey, I can take all the inspiration I can get. On the other hand, it can be really discouraging because I'd have to lose like 150 lbs to actually look good wearing any of that stuff. Also, by the time I did it, the new style will be some hideous fad that I wouldn't be caught dead in anyway. It's a love/hate thing.

If you end up wanting to craft some afternoon when normal people don't have off, look me up. I'm taking a bunch of time off in the next three months. I've reached that use-it-or-lose-it stage.

librarianista said...

Lass, my will to resist comes and goes.

Miss E, there are a lot of dresss at Anthro that I really think only look good on the mannequin. I will follow up on the co-crafting.