Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stories on TLC

There are many things about being a civil servant that aren't so awesome.  But there are definitely some ticks in the awesome column, such as the fact that we get Veteran's Day off.  I was going to take the car out to Ik3a today (because I can), but I think that errand will have to wait another pay day.  Fred Meyer already claimed all of our spending money for this cycle.  And I guess it's just as well--any trip to Ik3a always ends with me in a blind rage.  Mr. Awesome and I have vowed never to go there together again because even though we hardly ever fight, Ik3a is a guaranteed brawl every time.  We always get lost in the scary suburbs where the Ik3a lives, and also, Ik3a itself is a swirling hellmouth.  But hey, cheap curtains!

So I've got a chilly, drizzly Seattle day off to fill.  Any thoughts for what I should do with it?  I'm feeling uninspired.  Don't let me remain unshowered until 3 p.m. watching Stories on TLC.


SteveM said...

I have to work, because we follow Microsoft hours and Microsoft hates our veterans.

Elizabeth has it off, and she plans to go grocery shopping so she can cook something that needs more prep time than the usual weeknight dinner. If I had the day off, I'd probably go to a coffeeshop and read a book as long as possible. Or maybe a bar.

Anonymous said...

You've come back!

Well, as a fellow civil servant, I had planned to vigorously clean the whole house from top to bottom. Or maybe just vacuum the upstairs. But look! It's already 9:00. I think I may have to sit on the couch and read for a while. It's definitely not a day for Ij3a.

Anonymous said...

Because I'm a day late...um...I have no advice. Hope you had fun. Mr. The Lass and I have similar problems when we go to Ikea but like you, I like cheap curtains. And cute pillows. Their midget-sized furniture? Not so much.

Librarian Girl said...

I can't believe you turned down the prospect of TLC to go shopping with me. TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

Elizabeth said...

I've been reading fluffy light, unserious books. It's been so much fun! I didn't realize how serious and grim the books I was reading before were.

But other things that don't cost too much to do and are fun - crafting stuff. And writing letters. I love hand written letters and I realize that I don't get any unless I send a few.

I hope you had fun. Maybe you can do a few of these things folks are suggesting come flag day.