Monday, November 10, 2008

A dental hero

My right eye is infected and it's really gross--all puffy and red and swollen.  My doctor was sufficiently disgusted by my appearance to tell me to stay home from work today.   So I watched some My So-Called Life episodes; I have the series checked out from the library right now and Mr. Awesome has no interest in watching it, so this was a golden opportunity.  I haven't seen that show since it aired, and it's weird to see those ugly plaid shirt dresses that Angela always wears and know I had a bunch of them.  Oh Grunge, you cast a long, ugly shadow over the fashion world.  

In other exciting health-related news, I went to the dentist.  32 years and still no cavities.  There aren't many things I'm really good at, but I am amazing at not getting cavitities.  I don't really floss very often, but the hygenist and the dentist always go into raptures about how amazingly well I take care of my teeth, and regard me as a sort of dental hero.  It's nice.  Also, today my dentist was wearing the most resplendent Cosby sweater I've ever seen--more resplendent even than those actually worn by Cosby.  It was more like Joseph's (or Dolly's) coat of many colors.  I was fascinated.

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Anonymous said...

Not even one cavity? Ever?!