Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Highs and Lows of Teen Librarianism

As summed up in one Sunday afternoon shift.

The Low

6th grade girl: Do you have any Terry Pratchett Books? What other fantasy and science fiction books to you have? I love reading! Books are awesome, etc.

Me: You know, you should check out our Teen Summer Reading Program. All you have to do is write one book review, and you get a free book!

6th grade girl: Um, no. No way man. No thanks. See ya.

The High

5th (?) grade boy: Do you have any manga?

Me: Yes! Yes we do. It is right over here.

5th grade boy (seeing the manga collection): Oh man. Oh my gosh. I HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT!!!

Updated to add: And then right after that, an older patron came to the desk asking for a book (which apparently doesn't exist). While I was looking it up, she let go with the longest, loudest, breeziest fart I have ever heard. It was truly impressive.


Jen Robinson said...

easy, breezy, beautiful

Anonymous said...

Wow. All the way around.

Librarian Girl said...

What a glamorous life we lead. We should be on TMZ.

Barb said...

Just makes your day, doesn't it?

thecreativeyo said...

I loved that story. As a school librarian, I can truly relate to teens and their behavior when it comes to books. If only I could cut their heads open and insert a good understanding and appreciation of Dewey! Also, if I could get parents, substitute teachers and students to understand that a middle school library will not have ADULT literature on its shelves!