Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Day Off

I have the day off tomorrow because I worked this past weekend.* And I have BIG PLANS!

1. Write Thank-You Notes.
I really need to finish these freaking notes. I'm actually enjoying writing them, since I truly am very, very grateful to everyone. So it's not like I have to go to the effort of making stuff up.

But it's time to kick this thing in the pants. I'm beginning to get emails from my mom's cousins that say things like, "I hope you don't think I'm 'tacky' because I just got you a 'gift card' instead of a 'real gift.'"**

2. Pedicure.
Awww yeeeah. I almost never get one of these, partly because they cost money, partly because you have to have the forethought to make an appointment, and partly because I have this deep, dark guilt about forcing anyone to deal with my feet. (They're not especially freakish or anything. But still. They're feet.)

3. Massage
Awww yeeeah, part deux. I have had a crick in my neck for over a week now and it's making me an unpleasant person to be around. (Hence, maybe, that last cranky post.)

4. Salon of SHAME!
Heck yes! I love a good, healthy dose of shame--it's my Catholic upbringing. I still have a giant garbage bag full of notes from high school, and I'm going to bring some to share with my friends (if not the crowd at large).

If you are very, very good, maybe I will scan or transcribe some of them for you.

*Yes, the 4th of July weekend. Don't feel too bad for me though, because a.) it was kind of overcast, b.) I still had the 4th off and got to go to a party where 13-year-old boys blew up hotdogs with firecrackers, and c.) I get over a month of vacation a year, plus holidays and sick time. So I'm doing okay.

**Direct quote.


Anonymous said...

Happy day off - and for the record, you haven't struck me as particularly cranky lately...hilarious, yes.

Librarian Girl said...

How did I miss the Salon of Shame?? My whole life is made for just such an event.

librarianista said...

Dang woman, you will have to come to the next one! I think it's in September. We'll be more organized then.