Monday, August 11, 2008

Blog Death Watch

Blog, my friend, things are not looking good for you.

I think I have used up all my blog-related thoughts. I've been blogging on and off (mostly on) for a while now. I mean, not since the days of the blog pioneers, when bison ranged free over the internets and you had to cook up your html over an open flame, but for a while. Occasionally these days I start a post and I think, didn't I write a post just like this one sometime back around 2002? And also: who gives a crap?

The thing is, I am interested in the minutia of OTHER people's lives. I love reading blogs. But the minutia of my own life just seems kind of, er, minute.

Who knows, maybe I will experience a big bloggy renaissance at some point. But probably not this week.

But before I kill you dead, how about a photo? I've heard that people enjoy photos.


Anonymous said...

I understand the sentiment but I will hold out hope that what you really need is a break. And that you'll come back to us.

Karen / ikss said...

No! Say it ain't so! I love your minutia.

biogirl said...

But wait! I just added your blog to my daily blog-checking rotation! That's got to mean something, right? (Okay, maybe not to you, but still...)

librarianista said...

Aw, you guys are nice. Biogirl, I hate to clog up your blogroll with a dead one. Maybe I'll take a blog vacation and then see if I feel reinspired.

Librarian Girl said...



Sorry. I'm not mad. Just hurt.

Ok, not really any of those things, but I wanted to say something dramatic.

I too hold out hope that you will return to us someday!

Make!Do! said...

No. I refuse. How else will I learn about teens and Cornhole all in the same place??? The world clearly needs you.

Anonymous said...

The internet is like the Hotel can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
And may I just say how proud of myself I am for making such a horrible analogy.'re staying, right?

myra-lee said...

I too rely on your blog for heartwarming library-related anecdotes, as well as fingers-on-the-pulse hot tips (Cornhole, clown strippers).