Thursday, December 20, 2007

She said she'd married her an architect

It seems like everyone is in a good mood today. Even me! The guy in front of me on the escalator just now was singing, "We drank a toast to eeeee-no-since, we draaaaank a toast to nooow"--but he was singing it in a very upbeat way. A nice little memorial to Dan Fogelberg.

I'm getting really excited about going home for Christmas. For one thing, there's the weather. Sure, I'm a little concerned about that dip down into the low 60's by the middle of next week. But overall I think we should be fine.

Other things I like about Christmas with my family:

  • We celebrate the tacky and the ridiculous.

Tastefulness and Christmas go together like chocolate and turpentine. You've gotta EMBRACE the pink plastic lawn flamingo, and all the outfits that come with it! Trust me. You'll feel better.

  • There's nothing to do (in a good way).
  • You can have a glass of wine.

Things I like about Christmas at R's parents' house:

  • Thousands of adorable blonde children, with puppies.

At least that's how it seemed last year. It could have been only four or so children and one puppy.

  • Singing

They do group sing-a-longs, with like, hand motions and shit. It's awesome.

  • Snow

Both versions of Christmas are excellent, but this year I'm feeling more in need of sunshine and alchohol. Don't judge!

And finally, some holiday cheer for you and yours:

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