Friday, December 14, 2007

Future Me

Ah, time well-spent.

Meet My Future You - Find Your Own Future You

What's most interesting to me is that future me looks a lot more like my brother, although nobody thinks we look much alike now. Well, it doesn't look LIKE him in the sense that he is a hideous post-apocalyptic monster. It just looks like it was done with a picture of him, instead of one of me.


Kyla said...

oh my lord, I am so happy to see this page. You are back! And um, you are engaged????? I got all squishy and happy to read that particular factoid. Please extend my best wishes to your lovely Fiance and yourself of course. Hurrah, that is so exciting!

Librarian Girl said...

i am reading all your posts. yes indeedy I am.

The future you is a zombie muppet? I don't think that's right.