Thursday, December 13, 2007

A plea for an Eagles-free holiday season

I have Christmas gifts yet to make/buy, parties to prepare for, a wedding to plan, and a ton of crap to do at work, and I really feel like doing . . . nothing.

Just, nothing. I could happily pull a Costanza and curl up under my desk right now for a little shut eye. Or go home and watch reruns of Monk all day in my pajamas.

Part of me totally loves the holidays. So sparkly! So magical! Such a distraction from the shitty weather and utter darkness! But another part of me? Views the whole holiday season as an evil, soul-sucking vampire who WILL NOT REST until I have heard "No Place Like Home For the Holidays" 346 times (not to mention that Christmas song by the Eagles, dear god!), have fretted and lost sleep over each and every gift, and just want to curl up in a fetal position and wait for January 2nd.

Hey, you know what? Maybe I just need to remember the Reason for the Season! And what is that Reason, you ask?

Egg nog. Delicious, creamy egg nog, with a splash of Jim Beam.

1 comment:

Lass. said...

I raise my mug of eggnog (sadly, alcohol-free, but only because it's 8am) and join you in your plea for an Eagles-free holiday. In fact, I want to formally enter my plea for an Eagles-free world.