Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shoe mysteries revealed! High school football shows plugged!

For those of you waiting with bated breath to discover the results of the Great Shoe Debate of Late 2009, the answer was . . . none of the above. I couldn't reconcile myself to the elf shoes, and the Frye boots were just too expensive. Instead, I got these Clarks boots, which I found on sale for a pretty sweet discount at a local shoe store. So everyone was a winner. Well, mostly me. I was a winner. Of boots.


Mr. A. and I are currently obsessed with Friday Night Lights. I know it's nobody's fault but my own that I had never seen this show before, but in my defense, a show about a small Southern town obsessed with football just seemed a little too close to home. Still, enough of my ladyfriends recommended it that I finally caved--which was half the battle, since I also had to convince Mr. A. to watch it. He is not a football fan, which is one of the many things I love about him, but it made this tv show a hard sell.

I must say, FNL ladyfans, you were so very right--I am crazy about this show, and Mr. A is pretty near as crazy. We agree that we have crushes on Coach and Mrs. Taylor, respectively (although actually I sort of have a crush on both of them). And I never get tired of saying the name Tim Riggins. Don't you wish your name was Tim Riggins? Of course you do.


Maven said...

Oh man, I lurrrrrve the FNL so much I literally just started rewatching season 1 like an hour ago, which makes this post eerily timely.

Anonymous said...

Nice boots!!! You did good.

Linda Johns said...

Want to meet me Friday after the game at Applebees? Maybe Tyra Colette will be our waitress. And MAYBE Tim Riggins will stop by.

myra-lee said...

I like the Clarks! Also, it's important that your child have this:

librarianista said...

Thanks for the boots compliments, ladies.

Myra-Lee, we do really need that onesie. Linda, see you at our neighborhood bar & grill!