Thursday, December 31, 2009

What is and is not ugly

This has been such a crappy year for so many people I know. I feel really lucky that it Mr. A. and I have come through it relatively unscathed. Work has pretty much sucked for me, but at least I have a job--and one that I don't have to worry about losing. I know it'll get better again in the future, and things have already started to improve. Money is pretty tight for us, and exactly how we are going to pay for daycare remains a mystery, but we're healthy and employed and pretty happy overall. I guess we should enjoy it now because everyone tells me that I'll be filing for divorce about a week after the baby is born.*

Speaking of baby, at this point nobody is the least bit worried about me being underweight. In fact, several different coworkers asked me yesterday when my due date was, and when I said April they all said some variation of "April? Really. That long. Wow. I'd have thought sooner." I've actually gained pretty much exactly as much weight as I'm supposed to have gained by now, but a pound a week is really quite a lot of poundage. Pregnancy is such a weird yet fascinating personal science experiment.

And now, interwebs, I need your help. As someone who proudly wore the sweater shown in my last post, and whose clothing budget has been pretty tight lately, I think I'm losing my sense of what is and is not ugly. For instance, these shoes:

Ugly? Acceptable? Overly elfin? I just don't know anymore. These are the shoes I really want, but alas, they are out of my price range:

These would also be most welcome:

And that concludes the fashion portion of our program. Thanks for watching.

Happy new year and new decade to you--I hope your 10's are awesome from start to finish.

*Dear everyone: Please stop saying that.

p.s. Guess what? We won the nationwide ugly sweater contest! Truly our greatest accomplishment for 2009. Thank you for voting--you are the wind beneath our hideous wings.


Lass said...

I like the shoes but I have weird taste, so keep that in mind. And both pairs of boots are cute.

I recently bought a pair of these boots and they are not only empowering (Yes, empowering! My feet feel empowered!)but comfy:

Linda Johns said...

Maybe you should ask someone whose shoe taste you really don't like, and that will be your answer. But don't ask me, because now that I've said it, it will only hurt my feelings.

librarymeow said...

Don't listen to people -- for some reason people think that they can say any old thing to a pregnant lady. I kept getting the "are you about to pop?" and "you must be having twins/triplets" comments at 6 months along. One woman commented that they will have to "cut that baby out" of me. Gee thanks. And ignore the horror stories -- they are greatly exaggerated.

Make!Do! said...

Who are these people? Sure, having a kid is Different and sometimes Hard but nothing makes you love your partner like watching them take care of the being you have both created. I love Sergio MORE than ever, for reals. And it's way more fun to have a living room dance party with your kid and husband and some beer (like I just did) on New Years than any sparkly party. You will be great.
PS - I like the shoes, but then, I was contemplating some Dansko's and had a sudden thought that "Holy crap, what a (future) librarian I am if I suddenly like Danskos" so don't listen to me.

Elizabeth said...

To be honest, I don't really like the shoes. I can tell that they'd be shoes that one of my best friends would LOVE, but I don't like the shoes she likes at all.

Laughblog said...

I'd see the shoes on a friend (perhaps you) and think, "Love those!" but I wouldn't ultimately go for them myself.

Meanwhile I would love both those pairs of boots. A lot. In size 8.5. Thanks! xo k8

Anonymous said...

Oh for heaven's sake, the things people say to you when you're expecting! My MIL said the most awful things which do not bear repeating here, and by god we set ourselves up so her prophecies wouldn't come true, and they haven't. Having kids was the BEST thing we ever did, and we're even better (and dare I say more interesting) people than we were before. True story. And we still make out once in a while. You'll be fine.

Shoes: they're okay on top, the soles Too practical looking.

The boots are okay, but the heels are a little on the chunky side. For my taste at least.

Congrats on the sweater win!!!

Sara said...

1. As a person who watched five straight hours of Project Runway yesterday and the Devil Wears Prada today, I feel qualified to opine that all four boots are fierce, but the shoes less so.

2. Congratulations on the sweater thing! Truly you deserve it.

3. Have you seen this site? I think you and Mr. A will appreciate it: