Thursday, December 10, 2009

The sweet, sweet Photoshopped life

S & B's baby was insanely cute, as you might imagine. I think she almost made Mr. A want to have a baby.

We've started accumulating Baby Things. Not a huge amount, but we have a car seat, and lately we have been unable to leave Fred Meyer without, say, a set of footie pajamas with frog faces on the feet. Mr A somehow stumbled across this today (elbow patches!), which we bought, as well as this (Paddington Bear with elbow patches!!) and this (Muppet!). I take back everything I might have said or implied about the non-cuteness of baby boy clothes. I am satisfied with my dress-up options.

Most of the baby stuff we've gathered so far has been free. I belong to an email listserv of moms who live in the ritzier neighborhood next to my neighborhood. For the most part, these women seem like nice people who live in a world entirely alien to mine. They use the listserv to get recommendations for aestheticians* and personal chefs and other professionals that I doubt I'll ever be in a position to employ.

But! What's great about people who are a lot fancier than us is that they have stuff, and they often want to get rid of it. Here is a list of some of the stuff I've snagged from them so far:

1. an infant bath tub
2. 8-10 bottles
3. 1,893 pairs of baby socks (approx)
4. this thing**
5. about 120 newborn diapers

So now, we are prepared to clothe, drive, wash, diaper, and feed the baby. That's pretty much all you need. Right?

*What exactly do aestheticians do?
**Okay, I paid a couple of bucks for that thing, but not much. How about that photo? It represents the sweet, sweet Photoshopped life that Mr. A and I will soon be enjoying with the baby.


Librarian Girl said...

After we had that conversation about aestheticians, I realize that not only do I know what one is, I am friends with one! Ooh la la, I am so fancy.

I warn you that my auntie status means that I shall be buying you lots of cute baby clothes. It's how I do, so don't try and stop me.

Finally, that baby sleeper thing? Is that a real thing? Nah-uh.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I totally dig on Freecycle too, because as well as getting notifications from folks about stuff they don't need anymore, sometimes you just send out a mail with a specific item that you might be needing, and lo and behold, someone out there has it.

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