Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mystery solvers, library edition

As promised, let's chat about Project Runway's new season for a second, shall we? It's already so much better than last year! Don't you think? We are watching it on the computator, so we stay a little bit behind, but I am seriously loving it. Just moving back to New York makes a lot of difference, but I think the designers are better, too. And Nina and Michael are in regular attendance so far, instead of those terrible sixth rate L.A. judges from last season.* In these times of strife, I really need to be able to depend on Nina and Michael.


In the past two days, I have had two different patrons come to the desk asking me for Section 9. Any guesses as to what they actually wanted? Patron #1 was looking for District 9, the major motion picture, while Patron #2 was looking for the 9th floor of the library. It is for solving these brain-busting mysteries that the library pays me the big bucks.

p.s. I feel bad about yesterday's whiny post. I really do know how lucky I am, sometimes I just forget for a few minutes when I get an email that doesn't agree with me.

*Of course, the first episode of this season featured Nicole Ritchie. But at least they didn't let her talk very much.


Librarian Girl said...

I think Project Runway had a master plan wherein they took away things that we never thought we would miss so much (Nina and Michael, for example) just so that we would be ecstatic when things returned to normal. As they have. And it's awesome this season.

Sounds like you and I have the same guilt about potential whininess, which we should stop feeling bad about. In the grand scheme, we aren't that whiny. Well, at least you aren't.

librarianista said...

Whatever LG, I'm ten times the whiner that you are. I do feel guilty about, partly because I know it's no fun for others to listen to, but also because I superstitiously fear the gods will hear me and smite me.

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