Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting cranky

I'm going to get to take about five and a half months off for my maternity leave. I'm well aware that I should be grateful--and I am grateful. It's going to be wonderful to be away from work with the baby for so long, and I know it's a chance that a lot of parents in this country don't get. The bummer about it, though, is that in order to do that I've had to save up all my vacation time (and sick leave, though luckily I haven't been very sick) for quite a while now. So I haven't had a real vacation in a year. And I'm getting CRANKY.

This year has been a real struggle at work, and every time I think it's getting better, everything backslides again. It's gotten to the point that I don't know how to make things better, or if I can. Then, people keep asking me if I'm coming back to work after the baby. Although I know this is a reasonable question, I can't help but think, how fancy do you think Mr. A and I really are? Have you seen our tiny shoebox house that we can barely afford? Our single car with the cracked windshield? Believe it or not, we need both of our incomes to make this glamorous lifestyle possible. Would that it were otherwise.

Also the national and international news is so terrible these days that I can't even bear to listen to my beloved NPR. If I hear ONE MORE WORD about Scott Brown pimping his American Idol daughter, there will be violence, I swear.

Sigh. Sorry--I needed that. My next post will be about rainbows, bunnies, or Project Runway, promise.


Anonymous said...

Do what you gotta do. What I'm really saying is....move to Canada. I'm not going to go into detail, but the free world outside of America knows how to treat the people that carry and birth the future tax payers of their countries. Reeeeally hope that Scott Brown guy doesn't fuck it up. Or, reeeeally hope someone catches him in a comprimising position with a midget and a preacher and some latex before he gets his chance to fuck it up.

As for the news. Turn it off. Definitely. Live in a cocoon. It's ok. In fact, it's beneficial for your health. If you must watch tv, switch between Tyra and gardening/cooking programs and horror movies are also off limits young lady.

Oy. Big hugs from here. I been there.

librarianista said...

Thanks Jennie. I think you're right--a cocoon is the way to go. At least for the next few months.

Meanwhile, I'll keep hoping for that midget/preacher thing.

D said...

Don't be sorry. Bunnies aren't all that interesting anyway.

Make!Do! said...

I didn't want to stampede all over your comments AGAIN so I refrained but this didn't strike me as whiny but set off a little mini-explosion in my chest about why this country can be so exasperating for some many reasons, but specifically in terms of how it treats the breeders amongst us and how we are supposed to care for the Next Generation, by rationing out sick time etc. etc. and how we have to feel grateful for said rationed time, which is why the news is making me so crazy too - NPR please, BE ON MY SIDE FOR ONCE - so yeah, if you're whiny then I am an ungrateful immigrant who needs to shut up.
It concerns me that the library is not treating you well, concerns me very much. I know you can't go into specifics but can't help wondering anyway.

librarianista said...

MD, I love it when you stampede all over my comments!

Linda Johns said...

Just so you can continue to hear about Scott Brown's daughter, I will leave you with this direct quote, in response to how much American Idol changed her life: "I now own so many different tank tops."
Source: http://www.ictmag.info/politics/ayla-brown-was-a-contestant-on-%E2%80%9Camerican-idol%E2%80%9D-video/

librarianista said...

Wow. It's just hard to imagine what life would be like with that many tank tops.

Anonymous said...

I think it's crazy to hear about being "grateful" to get 5 1/2 months off. In canada, we get 60 or 70% of our pay for one full year off. And you can't get fired for going on mat leave as it's run through a federal program.

But at least you guys have Obama. Our politicians think it's okay not to got to work 6 months of the year. Maybe they think they're on mat leave. he he.