Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding, Part I

Okay, there have been requests for wedding stories. Why have I not shared any wedding stories? I don't know. For one thing, I don't want to go all mushy on you. But even more than that, everything went so swimmingly that there were no hilarious/horrible tales of the florist not showing up, or Uncle Phillip collapsing drunkenly into the cake. (Or the tower of doughnuts, as the case may be).

It was just fun. At least for me.

I'll tell you my secret of wedding success: my friends did everything. EVERYTHING. I did nothing. Of course, the wedding coordinator helped a lot. Ha! Just kidding. No wedding coordinator.

Actually, can I just take a moment to talk about how redonkalus it is that wedding planners even exist? I mean yes, planning a wedding can be stressful--even a redneck, doughnut-invested hoedown such as ours. But still. Wedding planners are not the answer.

Case in point: There is a wedding planner working on my brother's wedding (taking place late this summer at the Montgomery Country Club). That wedding will involve eight specially-created topiaries, several ice sculptures, and full floral service for the rehearsal dinner. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, baby! It's an extravaganza of extravagance! Don't worry, I'll take pictures. I just count my blessings that I managed to avert being a bridesmaid.

But anyway! Back to me! I had placed an order for flowers from a farmer at Pike Place Market (total cost for 20+ bouquets, about $300), and my friends A and P picked them up at the crack of dawn on the day of the wedding. Tulips were still in season, so that's what we got.

The set-up crew (12 of our friends + my parents) spent an hour or so arranging them and putting them in the vases I'd thrifted for a quarter apiece. It wasn't too fancy, but I thought the end result looked nice enough.

We didn't want to do too much anyway because we liked the place where we got married. It's a Native American cultural center that sits on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound. This is the inside.

This is the view.

Can you picture the magics? Good! Keep on picturing them and I'll be back soon with a thrilling play-by-play of How It All Went Down.


Make!Do! said...

I love it I love it I love it. So pretty. And the snowglobe donut cake topper is pure jee-nius. Thank you for posting!
(Also PS - just making sure, when the UPS website says they left things on your Porch, it means you got it right? After a recent debacle I am questioning every and all delivery menthods)

bellcurves said...

hey married lady--that tower-of-donuts cake is great. i love it! tell me there was a pink simpsons donut somewhere in there. ;-) so glad to hear your big day went so well. yay!!! the view of the water must have been just breathtaking. i'm looking forward to reading pt. 2...

librarianista said...

The snowglobe was from Mrs. Roboto; she bought it as part of the decor for our karaoke shower. Most of the shower had a rainbow & unicorn theme; the snowglobe was as traditional as she got.

Make!Do! said...

phew, good, but I seriously was in no way fishing for a thank you. just so you know. Also, how's the Seattle library job market these days...ha ha ha ha ha. I will stop hogging your comments now.

librarianista said...

The Seattle job market is good. Come on back! Okay, I actually have no real idea what the job market is like, but I'm sure we can get you in somewhere.

lass said...

Donut tower! I want one right now. And I agree with you on the ridiculousness of wedding planning. Even at keeping costs to a minimum we spent more than we wanted to...for a wedding literally held in our own backyard. Bad analogy but it's like funerals - as soon as anything - a chair, a cake, ,etc. is designated as being "for a wedding"...the cost jumps. So, so stupid. Okay, rant over. Sorry.

YOUR wedding looks lovely. And fun!

kickpleat said...

damn, that donut tower is the bomb. i love it!!! looks like it was a lovely wedding.

Lisa said...

Hey! I had thrift store vases, too! I am jealous of your snow globe.