Thursday, June 12, 2008

Small Fried Fish

First of all, many many thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes and good vibes to Mr. Awesome and me over the interwebs. I will get around to thanking everyone individually, but in the meantime just know that it means a lot.

I'm pretty behind on my blog reading. (Frankly, I'm a little bit despairing that I will ever catch up over at Go Fug Yourself. There were simply too many fashion travesties while I was away, and I am haunted by the fear that deep in the May archives is the Most Hilarious Fashion Mistake Ever. ) But anyway, I was catching up with Myra-Lee the other day and her recent post about The Amazing Race really got me thinking.

What I've been thinking is, it's now or never for Mr. Awesome and me on the Amazing Race. Don't you think? I mean, Newlywed Librarians? That is TELEVISION GOLD. We'd have to play it up, of course--go on and on about how our incredible research skills would give us the competitive edge over the competition. We've got lots of cardigan sweaters covered in cat hair, we're nerds in just about every imaginable way. We're all set to be stereotyped in a competitive television reality show!

The only problem is, I don't wear glasses. I'd have to get some fake ones, for sure. And could we take Myra-Lee and her sister? That I don't know. I am pretty sure that America would fall in love with Mr. Awesome, and feel sorry him that he is stuck with my dead weight.


On the other hand, maybe we would do better on Fear Factor.

During our trip, we discovered that you can get two kinds of food in Croatia: 1.) Italian food that's not nearly as good as the Italian food in Italy, and 2.) seafood bordering on the "what IS that?". It was all fine--pizza was quite tasty, really, and so was the gelato--but it did get a little repetitive.

So when we walked past a restaurant one night and saw some patrons eating french fries, we got all excited. Delicious fried food! Hooray! Then when we saw "Small Fried Fish" on the menu, we thought we'd hit the jackpot. Fish and chips! Awesome!

Or, not quite:

As you can see, this dish was prepared by scooping some minnows out of the bait tank and scooping them directly into the fryer. I ate one and got so many scales in my teeth that I had to give it up.

Mr. Awesome? The vegetarian who only very recently started eating seafood? Ate about twenty of them, strictly out of guilt. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the waiter, who came back and said in perfect English, "You did not like these?"

"Oh no," said Mr. Awesome. "They were delicious. We just REALLY filled up on the bread."


Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh, my.

Librarian Girl said...

I love your face in that photo. You are so clearly thinking "Nuh-UH."

myra-lee said...

Oh no, he ate around 20? I have also been accused of guilt-eating, but I don't think I could do 20 (unless it was for the glory of running/potentially winning The Amazing Race). You guys totally have to apply for season 25 (or whatever the next one is). You're so right that your gimmick is a surefire hit. Even if my sister and I were eligible, we'd be cast as the villains (who wouldn't hate the spazzy lawyer sisters?), but you guys would be true blue American heroes. And the unlikely dark horses. You really can't beat "librarian newlyweds." Plus, it's high time that the show had some triumphant nerds. I root for the nerds every time, even if they're not the nerds I would've cast. Make us proud!