Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Miscellaneous Nice Things

It's been clear and sunny yesterday and today, and this has made a world of difference in my mood. There's really no beating Seattle for the pretty on a clear winter day. I love the summer, don't get me wrong, but on a sunny day in winter there's no haze (or smog, I guess), so you can see all of the mountains at their snowy white best, and the air is nice and clean. Plus, you're a hell of a lot more grateful that it's not raining. It's nice.

We registered for wedding gifts this weekend. I'm sure you are as sick of hearing about wedding stuff as I am of talking about it, so I will only say that this exercise in wild consumerism just wasn't as much fun as one might expect. Still, I am humbled and grateful that people want to buy us stuff, so I'm not really complaining.

Have you been watching the Jane Austen Extravaganza on PBS? I watched Persuasion last week, and then this week our dumb vcr only recorded the sound for Northanger Abbey, so I'll have to catch the re-airing next week. I will watch each and every one of these (because, you know, costumes! and accents!), but I was a little disappointed with the first one.

I have some questions for the good people of Masterpiece Theater. To wit:

1. Did Anne's hair have to be so GREASY? Perhaps you were trying to make the point that they didn't bathe quite so much during the Regency period. Point taken!

2. Did the actress who played Anne insist on having her mouth open the whole time, or was the director into getting all those shots of her uvula?

3. 90 minutes? For a whole book? Why not go nuts and use all 120?

That is all.


Librarian Girl said...

I am totally watching the Austen fest. And YES- the greasy lady with agape mouth! WHAZZUP?

Lass. said...

Registering felt weird and greedy to me but as numerous people pointed out, it makes it easier for people to buy you stuff YOU want...rather than what they think you want.