Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ladies in Bikinis!

Here, for your enjoyment, is a picture that my oldest friend Lula* emailed me yesterday. Lula and I are showing off in our summer finest, circa 1988.

Look at me, all modest with the towel! Was I cold? Did I think I was fat? Was I worried that the flash reflection off of my snowy white stomach would blind the photographer (probably a legitimate concern)?

Lula also sent this one, which she calls "Pondering."

Who knows what mysteries of the universe my seventh grade self was solving as this picture was being taken. Sadly, that information has been lost. Perhaps I was resolving the conflict between physics and quantum mechanics, or contemplating those weird replacement Duke boys.

Let's hope I was considering other hairstyles.

*Some names have been changed.


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LOVE the ponderous one! So dramatic, such a sense of yearning... :)