Friday, March 23, 2012

So long stupidface

R and I got some really good financial news today.  Not winning the lottery or anything (I still haven't ever bought a ticket--I'm convinced that's the only thing holding me back from massive wealth).  Basically, we thought were going to have to pay a bunch of money for our old house, and we don't.  The bank lied to us, turns out.  I know I'm an adult and I should realize that people lie and institutions especially lie, but it still surprises me.  "The truth ain't in 'em," as my father would say.

But anyway, the point is, we are really, completely, totally broken up with that stupidface old house.  Good riddance, house.  Suck it.

And!  The new family-friendly pub/brewery is FINALLY opening in our neighborhood!  I realize for most people this would be an "oh that's nice situation," but when you live in a semi-struggling neighborhood like ours, it's huge news.  Who wants to come hang out with us there? 

And!  It's sunny, I'm off this weekend, and I'm going to a football match* my sister-in-law, who is also my close friends.  How many people are as lucky as I am?  Not too many.

*I believe you Americans refer to it as "soccer."


Make!Do! said...

Yay for the house news!
And we went to Elliott Bay last weekend in West Seattle and it wss so comfy and kid-happy without being kid-pandering. I would be excited too.

Unknown said...

YAY! We have that pub in our neighborhood and it is so fun! There are always tons of families there.