Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grown up job stuff

So internet, did I tell you I'm teaching a class this spring?  True story.  At the university's library school.  Co-teaching, actually, starting Monday.  I am not exaggerating when I say that the hiring process at Chuck E. Cheese was more rigorous than the one for this job. The library school hired me on the strength of my friend's recommendation, a hastily thrown-together resume, and blind faith.  (Presumably they also remembered what a shining star of the program I was as a student.  I set that place on fire with my book talks, ya'll.)

Still, I'm excited.  This opportunity combines a couple of my favorite things: teaching and money.  (And young adult books, which is what we'll be teaching.)  It's been many years since I graded any papers, so I have a little bit of anxiety about that.  As I recall, the rule in library school is that everyone gets an A unless you completely fail to show up.  Then you get an A-.

What else is happening?  At the conference I just went to, I gave a presentation with a couple of coworkers who are also, luckily, friends.  In retrospect there are things I'd do differently of course, blah blah blah, but overall I think we did well.  The City Librarian came to our talk, and apparently has been talking it up to the managers as good stuff ever since he got back.  So we couldn't have sucked completely.

In only tangentially related (in a young adult books kind of way) news, are you so excited about the Hunger Games movie?  Of course you are. R and I are making it our Annual Moving Outing!  See you again at the movie pictures in 2013.

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Brandy said...

I feel like I'm internet-stalking you lately. Sorry I'm creepy.

I just wanted to reaffirm that your presentation did NOT suck. I mean, a lot of stuff you said was already on my radar, and some was even on my to-do list, but then my library is surprisingly cutting-edge for Podunk, Massachusetts.

(And depressingly cutting-edge for New England; my train trip home allowed me to overhear the librarians behind me discussing this revolutionary idea they'd heard about shelving things in neighborhoods and maybe even interfile the paperbacks and hardcovers! Gave them the vapors, it did, and I wondered what they'd have done if they found out I did that five years ago. Sorry about our profession.)

Anyway, it did not suck, and while I haven't gotten as far as typing up my notes yet, I did come away with some new ideas on how to expand on things I'm already doing and execute things I'm planning, so yay!