Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby monkey riding backwards on a pig

So I went to a conference for a few days, and when I came back, my kid was completely grown up. Sorry to go all doting parent on you, but let's face it, this blog isn't good for much these days so it's not like this is much of a trip downhill. 

Recent developments:

1. He knows the whole ABC song.
Okay, sure, it's not like he knows his letters.  But still.  Before I left last week he got lost somewhere around "pee-cue-are-ess . . ." and now he knows it cold.

2. He makes up stories.
A typical story:  "A monkey in a tree!  With Baby G!  And maybe D?  And S!  And maybe a lion?  And maybe a effant?  And a doggie. Woof! In a TREE." 

3. He has a lot of very specific entertainment requests.
Mostly songs he wants to hear.  But he wants to hear songs about particular animals, on demand, so if you can't think of one right away you just have to make something up. "Monkey song!  Lion song!" R had already figured out songs to match most of these requests (although his response to "monkey song!" was this, which I now have in my head at all times, waking and sleeping). 

But now Soren will request songs for whatever object he sees:  "Window song!  Stroller song!"  I'm getting better at thinking up rhymes on the spot, but it's a challenge.

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D said...

I'm so honored to a character in his stories! I'm really enjoying your postings btw.