Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My baby ate my iPod

Well, not so much "ate" as "slobbered into submission."  The heartbreaking thing is that it still plays, but the screen display doesn't work, so I can't get where I want to go. 

I hadn't realized quite how much I have come to treasure my forty minutes of podcast-listening on the bus, but dear god, now that it's gone I can barely stand to go on living.  There's not a lot of alone time in my life right now, so "alone" with fifty commuting strangers and my imaginary radio friends who don't know me at all is as close as I get.

It's my own fault about the iPod, of course.  One of my defining characteristics as a parent is my laziness, and in some ways I think that parental laziness is a good thing.  I don't want to be one of those parents who feels they must intervene every other minute in an attempt to ensure that their child is developing at maximum velocity.

But.  It's probably better to be paying close enough attention to make sure that one's child is not ingesting personal electronic devices.  If not for the child, then certainly for me.

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Sara said...

I sent Joel's iPod through the wash and he dried it out by soaking it in a bowl of rice for a couple days. It went from about 40% functional to about 98% functional. Hope this unsolicited advice helps!