Monday, March 28, 2011

From the technology news desk

Soren is so much fun to hang out with these days.  There were days not too long ago when I would drop him off at daycare without much regret, grateful to have a ticket back to Grownup Land.  But now!  He's so interested in everything, and almost almost walking, and not quite talking.  I'm missing so much.  Also, he cries when I leave, which sucks.

What if his first step and first word both happen at daycare?  I wonder if they will even tell us. I probably wouldn't, if I were them.  Better to let the parents live in happy ignorance of everything they're missing.


From the technology news desk, my sloppy parenting in regard to my previous iPod was rewarded with a brand new iPod.  It's my first touch screen device ever, and I feel so very modern.  I was amazed that it has a pedometer that works, although I guess if you have a smart phone there's an app for that, right?  Probably not very impressive.

Which brings me to our second major story from the technology desk:  I am getting my very first smart phone.  Can you even believe what an early adopter I am?  We're getting fancy Droid phones that I guess would work in Paris, if we were to ever go to Paris. 

We turned in Soren's passport paperwork this weekend, so who knows where we'll jet off to this summer.  Someplace exotic, no doubt. Like Vancouver!

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Allegra said...

I hear Vancouver is very nice in the summer. "Practially Paris" I think is what people often say.