Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why not to buy whiskey when you are eight months pregnant, no matter what

It's my friend and coworker T's birthday today. I thought about getting him a gift certificate for a coffeeshop near our workplace, but it turns out he's given up coffee. (Even though apparently he's not even pregnant. I know, he must be a communist or something.) I consulted with Mr. A via email and we decided to get him something not very original that we knew he would enjoy: whiskey.

Thanks to Washington's repressive liquor laws, you have to get your liquor purchased during the workday. So on my break, I headed down the hill to downtown's only liquor store, bought the whiskey, and hauled it back up. Then I went to the Bartell to buy some ginger ale, because T enjoys a nice whiskey ginger.

It was all going swimmingly until the bag the Bartell lady gave me immediately broke and the whiskey bottle fell and shattered. I could feel every single person in the long line at the Bartell judging me as a terrible mother and a drunken librarian.* I really didn't know what to do, so eventually I just threw away the sad remains of my bottle of Maker's Mark and left.

I still reek of whiskey and there are only six minutes left in my dinner break. Time to go serve the patrons!

*I was still wearing my crazy clown librarian badge. Represent!


Librarian Girl said...

Now your aroma will match the patrons!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Wow. Tres bummier, as the french say. I think that the gift of this story will more than make up for the lost Makers, so at least there's that.

Brandy said...

Ha! Around New Year's Husband and I made the run to restock the liquor cabinet and kitchen pantry. We got enough stuff that they gave us a box. Which broke a half-block later, dropping the Kahlua to shatter all over the sidewalk. And so I stand there, with my 7-months-pregnant belly, standing mournfully in an alcoholic puddle on a drizzly December evening.

So, I've been there. But at least I didn't have to go back to work boozy. I got hassled by patrons for the Starbuck's cup on my desk in my 8th month (I swear it was steamed milk! No caffeine at all!), so they would have had a field day if I'd smelled of whiskey.

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I only would say that Happy B'day. Thanks!