Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tiny slimy sausage

Whoa dude, I'm having a baby next month.

For a while there, people were constantly commenting on how big I was. But now popular opinion definitely seems to have swung round the other way. I hardly look pregnant at all, they tell me. So skinny!

I know these people mean to compliment, and these comments don't make me mad. I might have said similar stuff to pregnant ladies in the past without thinking about it--who knows. But isn't it weird that such is our culture that even the knocked up get applauded for being thin? (I've actually gained a very average amount of weight, but that is neither here nor there.)

And now, in reality television corner: I watched a few episodes of The Bachelor this season, including last night's thrilling finale, and I must say I have never encountered a more stupidly named group of people. Tinsley? Vienna? I'm sorry, but no. It is not possible to love someone named after a tiny slimy sausage from a can.


Becky said...

You make me laugh. Thanks for that. I enjoy your blog.

Make!Do! said...

Today's Rules of Being a Woman:
1. Even when growing A HUMAN BEING in your womb and feeling the craziest eating needs of your life, try and stay as slim as possible.Then bounce back IMMEDIATELY after birth, ready for your Oprah slot at 3 months so people can say how amazing you look.

2. Stay young, forever.

I have to say, I find the latter more tiring these days. I'd like a little more "letting myself go" be okay these days because hello, I have to dress, style, nurture the next generation every day. Add me to that checklist and there is no time. I suddenly understand old Spanish ladies just getting dressed in black one day, letting those face moles and chin hair go wild and saying essentially, "Screw you, I'm done with that game".
Ahem, just to make this the longest comment ever, names from my daughter's school:
A'unestie (pronounced Honesty)
Dijon (yes, like the mustard)
But Vienna was clearly some kind of stripper name.

Librarian Girl said...

You watched the Bachelor and the critique you have of it is the NAMES?

(I watched the whole effing season so clearly I cannot claim any moral authority on anything ever again).

librarianista said...

Becky, thank you, you warm my heard.

MD, I think maternity clothes are already leading me down the primrose path of not giving a rat's ass about my appearance. It's hard to take much of an interest when you were the same exact set of outfits every 1.5 weeks.

Also, those names are AMAZING. Mr. A can't get over A'unestie.

LG, I could say much more about The Bachelor, but who would want to hear it? Let's discuss in person.

Peter said...

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