Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend roundup

What a nice weekend. After a gossip-filled craft night on Friday, Mr. A and spent Saturday being tourists in Seattle. We walked down to a restaurant inside our neighborhood bookstore* for brunch, and it was delicious. Lemon-scented risotto pancakes with warm berry compote! Maybe not the best breakfast choice for the baby, but definitely the best for me.

Then we went to SAM (we're members, dahling) to see the Calder and Michelangelo exhibits. Seeing as how we are incredibly fancy people who went to Florence just last year, the Michelangelo exhibt wasn't that exciting. The Italians are apparently unprepared to part with most of the good stuff.

The Calder exhibit was pretty cool, except that I got in big trouble for pretending to blow on one of the mobiles. (In my defense, I was standing really far away from it and the thing probably weighed five tons. Remember that smoker in the old commericial who couldn't even blow out that simple match? That was me. Anyway, aren't mobiles supposed to move?)

After my shame, we moseyed down to Georgetown and Fantagraphics, where Mr. A bought what was possibly the last copy of Crumb's Book of Genesis currently in existence. Then we cleverly angled to be served a lovely meal by S & D, followed by some fireside lounging.

All in all, nothing too fancy, but a very good day. The kind of day that will no doubt be a lot more complicated to pull off in a few months.

*This place has a convenient baby pit filled with toys where you can cage your baby while you eat your meal or sip your wine. Duly noted.


Anonymous said...

Baby and toddler friendly café are the big hit here in Copenhagen. They are everywhere! And the great thing is, they don't serve crap either. Quality service all round.

We even found an Italian restaurant with a whole room for the kids w/toys and cartoons. And they serve the freshest buffalo mozzarella this side of the alps. Score!

Yes, mobiles are supposed to move. Unless they are on exhibit. Apparently. Maybe it was so shoddily secured to the ceiling it was almost hazardous?

Srcsmgrl said...

I tried to order the Crumb's Book of Genesis for my brother's birthday, after hearing it was hard to get a hold of. Amazon doesn't expect to ship orders until Dec. 30!

librarianista said...

Fantagraphics MIGHT have one copy left if you call them and have them put it aside, but they really were almost out.

Meanwhile, Jennie, I will dream of Copenhagen's wonderland of baby friendly cafes.

D said...

Fireside lounging is the very best type of lounging. :)

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