Thursday, November 19, 2009

Every single day

You know what weather isn't much fun? The kind we're having right now: 49 degrees and raining hard with winds of 20-50 mph. Say what you will about snowstorms and heat waves, this gets my vote for the suckiest weather. A wind advisory is in effect! Talk about your lame advisories. What advice are you supposed to take from that? Look out for flying objects? Hope there aren't too many trees growing close to your house?*

Also, I've lived in the Northwest for a total of about ten years, and you know what I forget every year? It's dark ALL THE TIME from November 1st to sometime in March. All of this would be okay if I could just stay home and drink hot chocolate and finish up Felicity,** but the world insists that I leave my house almost every single day.

However, tomorrow night I get to do exactly what I am in the mood to do, which is go over to PCL's house and do crafts with ladies while drinking hot chocolate (or possibly apple cider--I'm still pondering that decision) and eating baked goods. Doesn't that sound perfect?

* My brother and his wife (who live in Alabama) just had a giant tree fall through their house and into one of their bedrooms. If only they had known about the wind advisory, they could have put up that invisible force field around their house.

**Seriously, Ben sucks. Noel is sometimes a dufus in the way most 21-year-old boys are dufuses, but Ben's temper tantrums are not okay. What is Felicity thinking? Hopefully she gets her head on straight in season 4.


arajane said...

I was just thinking about you because I started having this itch to watch Hallmark holiday movies and I had no idea why. And then I remembered that IT'S YOUR FAULT for planting that seed in my brain last year. So thank you! I hope you're happy that you will forever be associated with Tom Arnold in a Santa suit in my mind. xoxo

librarianista said...

This is the only reason so far that I'm bummed we canceled the cable: No Hallmark Countdown to Christmas! It's tragic. And yes, I am happy that Santa Arnold and I have melded in your mind. Very happy!

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