Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pregnancy memoir

We'll find out on Wednesday whether TimJim is a girl or a boy, so please place your bets at this time. So far, the spread seems to be about 3-1 girl, with my mom and brother-in-law holding down the boy camp. I hope the baby doesn't decide to be modest and keep its tiny little pencil legs crossed. The period of speculation has been fun but I have now had enough of that fun.

Possible titles for my never-to-be-written pregnancy memoir:

1. That's Not a Beer Gut, That's My Baby
2. Please Don't Make That Face When I Mention Potential Baby Names
3. A Long Time Between Cocktails


D said...

Title #1 is my favorite.

Elizabeth said...

I've been practicing my poker-face for hearing potential baby names. You'd be surprised at how hard it is. Pregnant women are really good at reading the smallest eyebrow twitch.

SteveM said...

TimJim works for a boy or a girl, so you're already set in that department.

Laughblog said...

Boy or girl: Elvis.

Do it! Set that trend! It would completely catch fire. xok8

Anonymous said...

Before placing my bets I need to know:

How many sisters/brothers does Mr. A have.
How many sisters/brothers does Mr. A's dad have.

And in what order, oldest-youngest?

Librarian Girl said...

Without fail, pretty much all of my friends have had girls in the past 5 years. So if the world revolves around me (as it so often does) it's a girl for sure.

In either case, please do not stop referring to the baby as TimJim.

librarianista said...

Oh man, Mr. A has so many siblings. Here is their birth order:

1. girl
2. boy
3. boy
4. girl
5. girl
6. Mr. A.
7. boy
8 girl

I'm not even sure about his dad's siblings' birth order.

LG, unfortunately for TimJim I think that name is sticking.

Anonymous said...

Whoa 50-50! In that case, I'm inclined towards a boy, since there are generally more boys born in the world than girls.

Unless it turns out that Mr. A's father has mostly sisters...